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Storage Tips

Climate-controlled Storage

We strongly recommend CLIMATE-CONTROLLED STORAGE for protecting fabrics, clothes, furniture, artwork, and other items subject to moisture, mildew, or mold damage:

  1. Heated and cooled spaces provide protection from extreme temperatures.
  2. Humidity-controlled environment protects belongings from moisture damage typical to middle Georgia.
  3. Enclosed hallways help minimize dirt and dust damage.
  4. A separate electric keypad at door entry adds security to controlled-access building.
  5. 24-hour day/night video surveillance of units, hallways, and exits protects you and your belongings.
  6. Dollies and hand trucks available to assist in loading belongings.

Conventional Storage/Non-climate Controlled

We suggest CONVENTIONAL STORAGE for most outdoor or garage-kept equipment and materials or items not easily damaged by humidity, mold, and mildew.

  1. Drive-up units feature ease of access and loading convenience.
  2. Extra-wide 22’ concrete driveways provide abundant turning radius for cars, vans, and trailers when accessing units.
  3. All units feature a recessed moisture lip preventing rain from entering unit.
  4. State-of-the-art, spring loaded, roll-up doors provide lightweight ease of use for raising and lowering.
  5. 24-hour day/night cameras monitor driveways and units, providing a safe and secure environment.

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